17 events in 9 European Countries, an eHealth platform online, 2 networks for Legal and Regulatory Guidance setup with a total of 90 experts recruited, a total of over 300 early-stage startups and SMEs supported. eHealth HUB, the European initiative providing free support to eHealth businesses, under Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

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IMI regularly publishes draft topic texts on their website several weeks before an official call launch. Draft texts have now been published by IMI.

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The International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) brings together over 30 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission (EC). Together, they work on coordinating and fostering research to develop and evaluate personalised medicine approaches.
Recently the ICPerMed Partnering Tool for personalised medicine research has been launched. The ICPerMed Partnering Tool facilitates networking among universities, research and patient organizations, SMEs, industry and all other stakeholders interested in personalised medicine research. The ICPerMed Partnering Tool offers you to search for partners and to present your expertise to the personalised medicine research community. By completing and activating your profile you publish your partnering profile to all users and present your collaboration offers. The Partner Search Tool assists you in finding suitable cooperation partners for future Calls.

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The European Commission has uploaded a list of FAQs related to the SC1 WP 2018-2020. You can find them in the FAQ section of the Participant Portal.

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The Innovative Medicines Initiative has now launched IMI2 – Call 13. Deadline for submitting short proposals is 28 February 2018.

Find out more about all topic texts, call documentation and details of how to apply on the IMI website.

IMI will hold webinars on the IMI2 – Call 13 from 27 November to 15 December inclusive.

The Smart Ageing Prize is a competition that aims to identify the most promising solutions in Europe using ICT for active ageing and its main theme, this year, is ‘products and services that use innovative digital technologies to support older people to participate fully in social life’. The prize process supports selected applications to develop their business through small financial...

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As part of the work-programme, the AAL Programme intends to launch a new Challenge-led Call for Proposals in February 2018: “Smart Solutions for Ageing well”.
The aim of this call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects.

AAL Pre-...

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Research and Innovation: What's New in Health and life sciences

  • 09.01.2018 - 01:00

    Events - Successful R&I in Europe 2018 - 9th European Networking Event - 15-16 March 2018, Düsseldorf, Germany

    For the ninth time, the conference invites researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and regions in Europe to find new European Research & Innovation (R&I) partners for Horizon 2020 projects.

    The series of events has been a great success with over 2300 participants since 2009. The event addresses especially universities and research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Participants, who are interested in giving a presentation, can participate in the "Call for Presentations" (ideas for H2020 projects and/or results from former international R&D&I projects).

  • 09.01.2018 - 01:00

    Events - Foodborne pathogens: from farm to pharmacy - 26 April 2018, Kinsale, Ireland

    The H2020 MSCA ETN Network List_MAPS welcomes you to its symposium which will be held in the historic town of Kinsale, on the south coast of Ireland on Thrusday 26th April 2018.

    Contamination of foodstuff by pathogenic microorganisms is a major safety issue and a burden to the food industry. Many routes may lead to food contamination from farm to fork.

    The symposium will address several facets of the ecology of foodborne pathogens.

  • 04.01.2018 - 01:00

    Research Headlines - Rare diseases, precious data: global platform connects researchers

    Most rare diseases are linked to specificities of the patients' genes - but what these are, exactly, remains to be determined for the vast majority of these illnesses. Tackling this challenge, an EU-funded platform is helping to generate answers from as few as two known cases by enabling scientists to pool and compare genomic and clinical data.
  • 21.12.2017 - 01:00

    Events - Message from Alliance4Life - 30 January 2018, Brussels, Belgium

    We are pleased to invite you to the kick-off meeting of the strategic project of ten leading life science institutions from nine EU-13 countries.

    The main objective of the event is to present Alliance4Life, a bottom-up initiative aimed at closing the divide in European health research and innovation. Alliance4Life intends to become a role model for institutions in less performing regions and to serve as a hub of excellence through close collaboration with renowned European networks established in high performing countries.

    The initiative is supported by the Coordination Action „Alliance for Life Sciences: Closing Research and Innovation Divide in the EU“ under H2020 and coordinated by Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC).

  • 15.12.2017 - 01:00

    Research Headlines - Possible new vaccines against bacterial infections

    EU-funded research has shown how skin cells can warn our immune systems of an impending bacterial attack, offering the potential for vaccines against antibiotic-resistant infections that could save lives.
  • 13.12.2017 - 01:00

    Research Headlines - EU teen suicide prevention programme goes global

    An EU-funded project created an interactive suicide prevention programme to promote mental health in teenagers. Following considerable success in a wide-ranging trial involving thousands of students, it is now being used worldwide to save lives.
  • 07.12.2017 - 01:00

    Research Headlines - Green manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry

    An EU and industry-funded project has developed environmentally friendly chemistry processes for drug manufacturing. As well as being better for the planet, the new processes will also enable the industry to cut costs and could lead to cheaper medicines for patients.
  • 07.12.2017 - 01:00

    Research Headlines - Stimulating the development of new antibiotics

    Many advances of modern medicine rely heavily on antibiotics - which can, however, lose their effectiveness over time as bacteria adapt. New types of these precious drugs are urgently needed. EU and industry-funded researchers are looking into ways to foster the required innovation.