Services offered by the project

The HNN 2.0 project has more or less three different target groups, the projects’ services tailor-made to the respective target group.

1. Activities targeting the Health NCP Community

Set of support materials

Tools, templates and best practices such as the NCP Handbook

Training courses

Comprehensive program of on-site and virtual training courses, e.g., 8 on-site and 8 webinars (more upon request) designed on issues specific to Health

News and Events

Exhaustive news & events area including relevant webinars of other related initiatives on our website

Staff Exchanges

This two-day programme grants the NCPs the opportunity to travel and learn on-site how the office of a homologue works in delivering NCP services to their clients. The host office of an SC1 NCP will receive between 3-4 NCPs in one staff exchange.

Personalized mentoring programme for EU-13 SC1 NCPs

This programme is especially designed for EU-13 with a teaming like approach, where EU-15 and EU-13 NCPs will team up for sharing methods and practices in daily work, in a personalized approach according to previously expressed need and interests (e.g. consultation with the clients, organization of information and training events, mobilization of critical mass.

Mentoring with the European Commission

This programme will provide additional space for consultation and in-depth discussion between the NCPs and EC staff.

Meet and Exchange workshops with Ideal-IST respectively with EEN

2 joint workshops with very relevant networks, one with the Europe Entreprise Network (EEN) and one with the Ideal-IST in order to exchange experiences, understand each other’s tasks better and define collaboration.

Information hub

All materials produced by the project will be accessible through the website, some information only for registered Health NCPs.

2. Activities targeting applicants and potential applicants of funding

Joint Brokerage events with Fit For Health 2.0

3 events of this type will be organized with the objective of bringing together potential project coordinators and potential project partners and help quality consortia building. They will be held back to back to the EC Open Info Day on SC1 in Brussels. A certain number of seats will be reserved for researchers and SMEs coming from EU13 countries.

Brokerage events with international and regional character

Together with FFH 2.0, Ideal-IST and Europe Enterprise Network (EEN), these events will be complementary to the previous ones as they will give those communities of countries that could not attend the Brussels’ events the possibility to participate. They will be cross-border and organized by a minimum of two countries and need to bring participants from a minimum of three different countries in other to gather a critical mass. One of the three events is planned in an EU-13 country.

Collection of feedback from applicants

A questionnaire to collect both the needs and feedback from the applicants on the NCP services via a questionnaire that will be sent to all applicants (coordinators as well as project participants) of Health FP7 and 2014 Health Horizon calls. The analysis will be translated into actions taken by the project.

3. Activities targeting the European Commission

The SC1 Network is in the best position to signal and signpost the European Commission on specific operational issues about the implementation of the SC1 Programme. For this, the project will provide organized feedback in the form of NCP position papers.