JPI More Years Better Lives 2018 Conference (Brussels, BE)


This conference will stimulate dialogue in the area of Demographic Change by bringing together stakeholders including national policy makers, funders, scientists, health care professionals, industry representatives and NGO’s.

The main themes of the conference “Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change” are:

  • The role of JPI MYBL in creating evidence based policies The conference will give an overview of the latest MYBL achievements and their policy implications and present the future objectives of the JPI MYBL, including the upcoming work programme on equity and wellbeing. Achievements such as the Report on Demographic Change & Migration and the projects funded under the JPI MYBL joint calls on extended working life (2015), understanding welfare models (2016) and ageing in place in a digitizing world (2017)will be introduced (JPI MYBL calls).
  • Reaching out to stakeholders and responding to societal needs In order to address the societal challenge of demographic change, the JPI MYBL is working towards sustainable alignment of research programs, stakeholder interaction over the entire research cycle, and enhanced impact through the translation of research results into evidence-based policies.