Joint Meet & Exchange workshop IMI - HNN 2.0


The IMI Programme Office and the Health NCP Net 2.0 action will jointly organize a workshop for Health NCPs within the next IMI Stakeholder Forum 2016.

Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 1 National Contact Points (NCPs) met IMI2 staff during IMI2 stakeholders forum in Brussels on 28 September 2016.

This event brought 21 NCPs and IMI staff together from various countries. It helped NCPs to get better understanding of IMI scope, structure and expectations. Similarly, NCPs had the opportunity to better explain their roles and activities relevant to IMI staff, with dedicated tour de table and presentation of HNN 2.0 project.

Hugh Laverty (IMI office) presented IMI2 programme’s vision, scope, actions and general lifecycle. Participants also got comprehensive overview of IMI2 calls evaluation process, as well as extensive information in Intellectual property and participation rules for projects funded under the programme. Specific focus on SMEs has been provided by Colm Caroll (IMI2 office) as they remain key target applicants to IMI2 to be encouraged to participate.

NCPs participants exchanged views on how to better cooperate with IMI office on some activities of common interest, especially for joint communication actions, seeking more regular interactions between both parties and better involvement of SME participation in the programme. Ideas and suggestions have been collected during the workshop for further cooperation with IMI staff in the future.

Please note that this webinar is for Health NCPs only. If you are Health NCP, please login or create an account to download the presentations of the workshop.