IMI2 Partnering Platform - Updated for future IMI2 Call 18


The IMI2 Partnering Platform (set up by the German National Contact Point Life Sciences with support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) has now been updated with the future topics foreseen for the 18th IMI2 Call. Information regarding IMI 2 future Calls for proposals is indicative and subject to the agreement of the IMI2 Governing Board on the Call topics.

The Platform provides networking opportunities to prepare for future IMI2 Calls. Drafts of the topics currently under consideration for inclusion in future IMI Calls for proposals can be found on the IMI-Website.

The IMI2 Partnering Platform allows potential IMI2 applicants to identify suitable cooperation partners for the 18th Call of the Innovative Medicines Initiative2. The IMI2 Partnering Platform does not only facilitate the quick and targeted search for possible partners but also displays European-wide cooperation offers specific to IMI2.

Networking via the Platform is open to all IMI2 applicants on the European level.