IMI Stakeholder Forum 2017 (Brussels, BE)

18.10.2017 to 19.10.2017

IMI encourages all stakeholders in health and medicines R&D to join the Stakeholder Forum: policy makers, academics and researchers, pharmaceutical industry and other sectors with an interest in health research, SMEs and mid-sized enterprises, patient representatives and regulators, representatives of other public-private partnerships and research-funding organisations.

The Health NCP Network 2.0 presented itself at the IMI Stakeholder Forum

The project partners of the network from Poland, Belgium and Austria informed potential applicants of Horizon 2020 “Health” calls and other participants of the Stakeholder Forum about the role of NCPs and how they can help to improve project proposals. Then, also the network of “Health” NCPs and the services it provides were introduced.
Several IMI and EFPIA officers showed interest in our network. This will certainly help to make SC1 NCPs and our network initiative better known also by these stakeholders.
The information that participants of such events like the IMI Stakeholder Forum can receive from us could be very relevant for them, and therefore we will continue to represent our network on such occasions.