HNN 2.0 Webinar on "Opportunities for Health projects under EURATOM programme and other related initiatives"


The EURATOM Programme  aims to pursue nuclear research and training activities with an emphasis on continually improving nuclear safety and security, but there is also space for health-related projects under the fields of nuclear medicine, radiation protection and development of medical applications of radiation, including, inter alia, the secure and safe supply and use of radioisotopes.

This webinar will also allow you to understand better the final scope, functioning and opportunities in other initiatives linked to the topic of radio-protection; MELODI – Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative and CONCERT – European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research (including the first Transnational call for proposals on “Radiation Protection Research in Europe”).

The webinar was organized by the Health NCP Network in collaboration with NUCL-EU 2020, the network of NCP’s for the EURATOM Programme. The trainers were Andre Jouve and Katerina Ptackova (European Commission, DG RTD, Fission energy), Jacques Repussard (Chair of MELODI) and Annemarie Schmitt-Hannig (member of the CONCERT coordinator team).