HNN 2.0 Webinar "Lump Sum Pilot (Stage 2 of BHC-15-2018)"


Dear SC1 National Contact Points,

Topic SC1-BHC-15-2018 “New anti-infective agents for prevention and/or treatment of neglected infectious diseases (NID)” is part of the lump sum funding pilot scheme. Evaluation of stage 1 proposals is finished and successful applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal very soon.

The goal of the lump sum pilot is to promote simplification: no financial reporting, no time sheets, no financial audit. Payment will be exclusively based on completion of activities.

Stage 2 proposals for topic BHC-15-2018 will have to fulfil new requirements, such as a detailed budget table.

HNN 2.0 has organized an information Q/A webinar with the European Commission, in support of stage 2 preparation.

The webinar took place on 14th May and was open to SC1 NCPs, Legal & Finance NCPs and stage 2 applicants.

Please note that this webinar is for Health NCPs and invited applicants only. If you are Health NCP, we invite you to login or create an account to download the presentation of the webinar.