HNN 2.0 Webinar on "How to implement Clinical Studies in Horizon 2020 projects"


The Horizon Health, demographic change and well-being call is open with 11 topics that require to use an specific template if you carry out a clinical study.

A proposal including clinical studies has to fulfil several requirements, such as filling in the clinical trial proposal template and  being  aware of several issues specific to these studies, how to involve clinical partners, how to set up the budget, and what regulatory and safety issues need to be considered at proposal stage, amongst others. Experts from the European Commission covered all these aspects.

The webinar took place on March 5th from 10.00 to 12.00 CET.


Watch the recorded Webinar

Download the presentation:

Please also note the additional information we received from the European Commission after the webinar:

1. The correct version of the template for SC1 call topics is available. This link is also provided for each currently open call topic in SC1 in the section 'Topic conditions and documents' > '5. Proposal templates, evaluation forms and model grant agreements (MGA)' (see screenshot below). The current version for the 2018 calls is version 2.0, dated 24 October 2017.

2. We confirm that the Commission Decision on Clinical Studies unit costs excludes the reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs for patients and study participants as part of the unit costs ('The categories of eligible costs covered by the unit costs exclude the travel and subsistence costs of patients or study participants. Those costs will be reimbursed on the basis of eligible costs actually incurred under the cost category “other direct costs”.')

3. The call topic discussed in the webinar is an EDCTP call. EDCTP uses a different version of this template.