HNN 2.0 staff exchange programme


For Health NCPs only

The HNN 2.0 project has launched a staff exchange programme open to NCPs from Member States and Associated Countries. This programme grants the NCPs the opportunity to travel and learn on-site how the office of a homologue works whereby the host shows and shares with the visiting NCP their way of working at their institution and delivering NCP services to their clients. These exchanges will be based on a predefined programme agreed between the participants (host and visitors), and will ideally take place back to back to an applicant targeted NCP activity (ex. Info day or training event) in the host NCP country that would involve the attending NCPs in the national activity Involving more than one NCP per staff exchange is beneficial from the perspective of learning and exchanging practices for the group, and therefore the host office will accept 3-4 NCPs per visit.” Find here the Full terms of references and the application form.