European Expert Panel on Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020 (Brussels, BE)


For many years the European Commission has been funding clinical trials as part of the Societal Challenge Health, demographic change and wellbeing of Horizon 2020, and previous Framework programmes. Applying the general rules to the very complex field of clinical trials has always been challenging, both from the medical but also from the administrative point of view.

European liaison officers play a central role in getting such EU projects to run and in managing them, while Health NCPs have accompanied consortia through the application process and developed a good understanding of how clinical trials in the context of EU funding should be set up, calculated and presented. The European Commission, funding such clinical trials, has been very open to discuss critical issues occurring in EU funded clinical studies, e.g., with Health NCPs but also hospitals and institutions coordinating the clinical studies.

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March 15th, 30 experts on clinical trials have met with the European Commission to exchange and discuss the latest news on administrative and financial issues regarding clinical studies in Horizon 2020 projects. Several Health NCPs and beneficiaries of the HNN 2.0 project participated also in this event and took the opportunity to meet & exchange.

Pesentations held by the European Commission:

The Expert Panel meeting was preceded by an event organized by the EU project FitForHealth (FFH 2.0), who hold a training session on important aspects of applying for and managing clinical trials.

Presentations of the FFH 2.0 Training

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