eHealth week 2016 (Amsterdam, NL)

08.06.2016 to 10.06.2016

eHealth Week 2016 is the leading eHealth event in Europe and was held in Amsterdam on 8-10 June 2016. The event was organised by the European Commission, the Dutch Ministry of Health and the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union and HIMSS Europe. During eHealth Week 2016, over 2,000 international experts in IT and healthcare, public institutions, professional and patient organisations have been welcomed.
Under the theme "You, at the heart of transition", eHealth Week 2016 focused on the people who are changing the healthcare system, and the first step forward is to give patients the power. eHealth policies are changing. Until now, policies have mainly focused on institutions and IT systems: today, that focus is shifting and is now being placed on eHealth users. The people who are using eHealth are becoming increasingly involved in the discussion and being placed at the heart of eHealth policy-making.

As supporting organization HNN 2.0 was presenter at the "Speakers Corner" and open for discussions and answering questions.

Dr. Rebecca Breuer from the German team of HNN 2.0 represented the network at the conference. Dr. Breuer participated at the "partnering event" organized by the Enterprise Europe Network and the HIMSS organization, where she was on hand to answer questions on Horizon 2020 and the NCP services to many interested parties and distributed promotional material of the network.
In addition, The NCP services for applicants were presented and advertised by Dr. Breuer at the "speakers corner" through a short presentation, attended by a few dozens interested participants.

Event themes:

  • Empowering People
    This theme is about self-empowering eHealth for patients and healthy citizens. The goal of the theme is to find out what the needs are of patients and healthy citizens if they want to be more active in managing their own health. This theme also explores how elderly people can continue to live independently and how eHealth applications can better meet the needs of users.
  • Trusts & Standards
    Proper legal frameworks are a precondition for healthcare providers, enterprises and member states to be able to exchange data. Legal clarity is also necessary to ensure trust among the public in eHealth solutions and applications. Proper standards and technical solutions are needed to make systems interoperable and connect the different actors. The objective of the theme is to exchange knowledge on how to promote and enhance trust in health IT systems and how to increase the use of standards in eHealth.
  • Social Innovation & Transition
    Often, much emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of eHealth. However, scaling up eHealth also requires a different mindset on cooperation, organisational and cultural innovation - organising healthcare in a smarter, more efficient and effective way. In this theme, the social aspects of implementation and innovation are key. What is needed - in addition to technical innovation - to ensure that user-centric eHealth solutions are deployed on a large scale? This theme will stimulate implementation, scale and use of eHealth and discuss where, why and how implementation and upscaling has been successfully achieved and how best practices can be replicated.

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