HNN 2.0 builds upon the experience and results of the previous Health NCP Net project with the ambition to respond the new challenges that the “Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing” NCPs face in Horizon 2020, such as the broadened thematic scope of the Societal Challenge 1, and the enlarged mandate of the “Health” NCPs.

HNN 2.0 puts into place a wide range of capacity building and networking activities as well as a complete set of support materials to help National Contact Points for Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing improving the performance of their daily NCP tasks. This transnational cooperation among NCPs for Health (over 150 NCPs worldwide) will facilitate exchange of best practices and transfer of knowledge, thus raising their standards of support. Thanks to this project, applicants of Health research funding in H2020 calls will benefit from a professional quality service rendered by the NCPs and will also have the opportunity to attend brokerage events organized by this project in conjunction with other existing support networks in an effort to help building consortia with other international peers.

The project will run for 4 years and the work load is organised in 5 Work packages.