Find your Health NCP in your country

When should you approach your Health NCP?

Most of all, Health NCPs can help you identifying and applying to the right call to get your innovative project idea funded in one of the many European funding opportunities for Health Research and Innovation projects. The main “job” needs to be done by you, as NCPs do never act as “ghostwriters”. You should wish to approach your Health NCP, if…

  • your project idea seems not to fit to a particular call, your Health NCP can help you identifying the most suitable open or upcoming call;
  • you are looking for background documents in the area of Health research policy;
  • you are searching for project partners and wish to find brokerage events and partnering databases;
  • you wish to better understand how a Health work programme is set in place;

Once your project is selected for funding, and also during the projects’ lifetime, you might have questions regarding administrative or financial issues. Here, your Health NCP may help you as well, either directly or by identifying the right contact person (outside or inside the European Commission).

Health NCPs stay in close contact to other NCPs (not only in their country but also in European networks) so applicants can benefit from a broad knowledge base.