Article 185 Initiatives

European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)


EDCTP is a public-public partnership between countries in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, and the European Union. EDCTP aims to accelerate the development of new or improved drugs, vaccines, microbicides and diagnostics against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and neglected infectious diseases (Poverty-related diseases, PRDs) in sub-Saharan Africa.

Funding opportunities

The programme supports clinical trials and related research activities on PRDs, as well as capacity development for clinical trials and related research in sub-Saharan Africa. EDCTP2 supports all phases of clinical trials (phases I to IV) for new or improved medical interventions, as well as advanced testing and field validation of new diagnostic tools.

EDCTP calls for proposals are open to participation from across the world. Researchers from all countries can team up with European and sub-Saharan African partners to jointly undertake clinical trials, develop knowledge, generate research data and establish scientific networks. However, only participants (i.e. researchers and/or institutions) from sub-Saharan Africa, the European Union or one of the Countries Associated to Horizon 2020 are automatically eligible to receive EDCTP funding.

For more information about EDCTP Calls for Proposals please visit the EDCTP website.

Types of grants

Three distinct types of actions are supported under the EDCTP2 programme: Research & Innovation Actions (RIA), Coordination & Support Actions (CSA), and Training & Mobility Actions (TMA).

  • RIAs consist primarily of clinical trials and other clinical research activities related to PRDs that are implemented in partnership with research teams in sub-Saharan Africa. RIAs are collaborative research actions, which normally must comprise a minimum of two legal entities from Europe and at least one legal entity from sub-Saharan Africa
  • CSAs support 1) activities to develop, strengthen and expand clinical research capacities in sub-Saharan Africa; 2) activities to promote networking and collaboration between European and African researchers and among African researchers, clinical research institutions and sites, as well as 3) activities to foster coordination and cooperation between public and private funders. CSAs may support activities of standardisation, dissemination, awareness-raising and communication, conduct of preparatory and accompanying studies, networking, coordination or support services, policy dialogues and mutual learning exercises and studies
  • TMAs primarily foster career development of individual junior and senior fellows from sub-Saharan Africa, supporting training and mentorship of researchers, and promoting mobility of individual researchers and research staff.

European Union contribution

The European Union will provide a contribution of up to € 683 million for the 10-year EDCTP2 programme (2014-2024), on the condition this is matched by contributions from the European Participating States.

EDCTP was created in 2003 and was the first initiative based on article 169 of the Treaty of Nice (now article 185 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union. The second EDCTP programme (EDCTP2) is being implemented as part of the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020 and governed by the African and European countries that are members of the EDCTP Association.

AAL Programme

The Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL) is a funding activity that aims to create better condition of life for the older adults and to strengthen the industrial opportunities in Europe through the use of information and communication technology (ICT).

The AAL Programme launches a call for proposals addressing a specific challenge every year. Call 2015 focuses on “Living actively and independently at home - Support more older adults to live longer in their homes with the contribution of ICT-based solutions. The Call page is available here.

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