How to apply for funding

Usually, your application for funding is a reply to an open call (“call for proposals”). Calls do have a specific opening and closing date, called “deadline”. After that deadline, a submission to the call is no longer feasible.

Within a call, you will find different topics. You have to select to which topic(s) you wish to apply.

Your application has to be submitted electronically; via the European Commissions’ online Participant Portal. You will find all relevant documents for your application underneath the selected topic. Once you have registered (EU Login account), you will find the relevant files for download in editable versions. Please note that the Participant Portal is not only your entry point for electronic administration of EU-funded research and innovation projects, but hosts the services for managing your proposals and projects throughout their entire lifecycle.

What happens after submission of my proposal?

Once the deadline has passed, all proposals are evaluated by a panel of independent specialists in their fields. The panel checks each proposal against a list of criteria to see if it should receive funding.

Once a proposal passes the evaluation stage (five months’ duration), applicants are informed about the outcome. The European Commission then draws up a grant agreement with each participant. The grant agreement confirms what research & innovation activities will be undertaken, the project duration, budget, rates and costs, the European Commission's contribution, all rights and obligations and more. The time limit for signing the grant agreements is generally three months.